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Solitary Places...

We know so many of these places that the best are listed here but solitary can also be linked to empty or Isolated, desolate...


caynham court

Caynham Court

This is Caynham Court In its day a beautiful Manor House.
Our researches with some of the local people, believe not so long ago (100 years) the Manor House was a hive of activity. Parties would be held and the wine would flow. But oh how the mighty have fallen... Sir Jack Curtiss owned The Manor House. He was a great sportsman, rogue, and a lover of horses, and women. Sir Jack, as a huntsman was a great risk taker. It was upon a wet and cold October evening, when an accident took his head.
Sir Jack is now heard in the dead of night, searching for his severed head inside the Manor House. In fact the locals have given reports of screams, wails and shouting as he bangs doors in his frantic attempt's to locate his missing body part.
the ice house
the stopper

The above ice house has a grim tale....

Its is located in a large manor house, the tale starts with the master of the house getting a maid pregnant. It ends with the maid being found dead in the ice pit frozen. Research into the screams heard at night from the pit have found that the maid wanted the master of the house to take her out of the miserable servant life she held, and make her a lady. But after failing she resorted to blackmailing him. Until one night he cracked and dragged her by her hair to the pit, where he forced her in. Only the stifled pleading for mercy could be heard for a short while....

the house on the edge
The above picture is of a house on the coast. We have spoken of wreckers in earlier pages. This house was lived in by a fisherman and his wife. The wife would light a single candle so her loved one could find his way home. The light was placed in the window shinning to the sea. The light went out hundreds of years ago but the building still remains.
Doors have a great fascination. This one door pictured above is at the end of a long corridor. The passage is dark and damp, it is a scene of a horrific murder. The murder was so terrible that the blood stains are still to be found on the wall, l but the most frightening part is the attacker was disturbed. The victim with their last breath managed to scratch on the wall the name of her assailant. This can be seen below, it is over 150 years old but you can still make out the writing and feel the chill run down your spine...
writing on the wall


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