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Week 2. 09/06/03

30th May


The Website publicizing a South Shropshire ghost walk was sabotaged by anti-Iraq war protesters. The Journal can reveal that the organizer's of the Ludlow ghost walks were shocked to see photos of mutilated bodies of children posted on their web site. Leon Bracelin, from the Ludlow Ghost Walks said the site had to be closed down and then completely rebuilt. He said that the site had either been targeted because it was popular, receiving 68,000 hits in two months, and the hackers wanted maximum publicity, or because someone didn't agree with its content. The Website belonging to the Church of England in south Shropshire has been hijacked by an extreme Arab group, and littered with images of dead and injured children.

I don't remember seeing any pictures but their you go, you cant beat the press !

Helping Police with Their Inquiries

Police in Sao Paulio, Brazil, discovered a fake police station only 100 meters (328ft) from the real one. Fake police and detectives charged high fees from everyone who needed their services. The real police were tipped off when two men who were blackmailed in the fake station made a complaint. Everybody in the fake station was arrested..(Ananova)



An Indonesian man, using a homemade stunning device to catch fish, ELECTROCUTED himself and drowned. The bloke,Syahrul 42, had attached electric cables to a diesel engine and was trailing them in the Mentaya river. He supposedly dipped his foot in the water and received an electric shock and fell in (AP)


Never Enough Beans

A shop assistant in Edinburgh was duped into letting a man cover her feet with food including baked beans and allowing him to photograph his work. The man claimed to be raising money for comic relief (Telegraph)


The Name says it All

An Indian called Stanley Joseph Stillsmoking was indicted in Texas in Feb 1979 for the attempted theft of cigarette's

Nicholas Forletta 24 from Torquay was fined 200 in April 1986 for swearing at police

The examining attorney in a 1984 extradition hearing in New York of Joseph Docherty, who had escaped from the Crumlin road prison in Belfast, was Ms Ira H Bloch


Rose Murder Arrest Made

The Star front page, detectives have now arrested a suspect over the Hilda Murray "The Rose" murder in 1984 in Shrewsbury, 19 years on.
If you recall as the paper states she was a rose specialist who was murdered in her car in Shropshire and they never found who did it. But she was involved in highly sensitive intelligence work for the British Navy in the past and also in the Argentine conflict. It has been claimed by family to have been knocked off by the secret service as she was due to give evidence in an inquiry into Sizewell B nuclear reactor plant, and within various other sensitive issues...

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Friday the 13th....

This Friday the (13th) is upon us again and for the 4th time the walk is running, do you feel confident enough to come on the walk and try your luck?

More news soon folks......
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