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Strange Happenings from Local to International Places.

At last a webpage we can put our scribblings on, as always this page comes under the Disclamier which we have on our site to stop writs and such like.

Week 1. 01/06/03

Friday the 13th....

Next friday the (13th) is upon us again and for the 4th time the walk is running, do you feel confident enough to come on the walk and try your luck?

Ghost Walk Hacked !!!

Thats right folks we were Hacked by the "No Winners in War" full story as seen on the front of the Ludlow Journal coming Soon (as soon as the good Dr Atlas Emails me the Newspaper Clipping that is)

A picture of the lttle blighter

New Infection found, Its not Sars Though

"(AP) It isn't SARS, but infectious disease specialists are trying to learn more about a recently discovered virus that some think may be the culprit in many unexplained respiratory illnesses around the world."

Full Story

'Chucky' Stabs Man With Butcher Knife (Victim Opens Door To See Screaming Suspect Running At Him With Butcher Knife)

The above story was posted to us we have a lot of wiered emails etc. This one just about says it all..

Full Story


"Sausage and Burgers Anyone"

Jeff Porcaro, of Toto, 1992, "Jeff died from inhaling poisonous fumes from a dangerous insecticide. He was setting out a barbecue in his garden. Jeff thought that he could handle the poison without expert advice and, moreover, without protective clothing or a mask. Shortly beforehand he had taken a hot shower and this contributed to his death."

Sent to us from American News

Strange Deaths Guess how the following famous people passed on. (We've all got to go somehow...)

1. Attila the Hun (on his wedding night)

Stabbed with a spoon
Choked on bread
Bled to death from a nosebleed

2. Anne Boleyn


3. Bruce Lee

Swollen brain
Plane Crash

4. Amelia Earhart

Stopped taking medication
Trying to flying around the world

5. Tupac Shakur

Drive-by shooting
Poison in orange juice
Strangled with a string

6. Judy Garland ("Dorothy" from *The Wizard of Oz*)

Ate bad food
Overdosed on sleeping pills

7. Phil Hartman ("Saturday Night Live" comedian)

Shot by his neighbor
Shot by his mother
Shot by his wife

8. Joan of Arc

Burned at the stake
Stabbed in the back
Locked in a room without a steak

9. Jim Morrison (Lead singer of the Doors)

Heart attack while in bathtub
Heart attack while on toilet
Heart attack while driving

10. Selena (singer)

Shot by her publicist
Shot by her agent
Shot by president of her fan club

The Answers Click Here

The Answers click here

More news soon folks......
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