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Week 7 & 8. 29/07/03

Ludlow's Physic Festival

The Good Dr Atlas (aka Leon Bracelin) has organised his own week long event (not as Dr Atlas) Ludlow's First Physic Festival.
Here at the Ghostwalk Offices we wish Leon well with his new Venture.
You will know the Dr (Leon) as he One of the Tour Guides for the Ghostwalk.

At the Moment the Dr is on Vacation in Europe. In the meantime we are all taking turns in Throwing Darts at his Picture (Only Joking Doc)

The Talks will Take place in September more news when its in.


Ronnie Crossland 59, from West Yorkshire, has spent 15 years taking photographs of more than 1,000 cement mixers, which he says " are things of incredible beauty" The retired lorry driver has travelled more than 200,000 miles in search of new mixers. He used to be a train spotter but gave it up because it was too boring

(The Sun Sept 2002)



Police cordend off a Bangladeshi village populated entirely by thieves after politicians demanded they be evicted. In a recent census, the residents of Jahanpur all listed their occupation as "thief". A police spokesman said "These people do not know any other means of livelihood"

(Metro Sept 2002)


GLR Viva!

On the 9th August 2002, a French mushroom picker discovered 101 gnomes arranged in a circle, some on tree stumps, in a pine forest near Bordeaux. Suspicion fell on the shadowy Front de Liberation Des Nains (Gnome Liberation Front), which campaigns to free gnomes from "slavery and oppression" A further 112 gnomes were found beside a pond in the Dordogne on the 20th August, and 30 in a school courtyard in Argentine on the 3rd September

(Guardian Sept 2002)

Batman Returns

A caped crusader was seen at work in Tunbridge Wells, ridding the streets of crime. The Kent and Sussex Courier reported on the 2nd May that they had received hundreds of letters from " stunned residents" who saw the man in a brown mask and cape twice scare of hooligans and also returned a woman's dropped purse

News In Short

A man was lucky enough to escape unharmed on the 26 April, after he attempted to recharge his mobile phone in a microwave oven. Firemen where called to the mans house in Perth Australia after the battery exploded

An educational poster was seen in downtown Manhattan "Are you an Adult that cannot read? If so we can help"

(NY Post Dec 2002)

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Go to his site and read all about Father Kev.



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