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Week 5. 10/07/03

"Ludlow's Queen Visit Special"

As you will know the Queen has been to Ludlow here are a few stories (alternative of course)


Mitch Buys New Hat

'Mitch' the street entertainer / musician (beggar outside Vicki wine) has brought a new hat for the queen's visit.

Mitch pictured here watching the queen from parkway shops.

In an exclusive interview with mitch he said ...

"Its been very busy today the parking been awful, I couldn't find anywhere to park the jag"


Queen's Visit Exclusive, Never seen before Pictures!!

That's right, the reporters were out in force today Including our own snap happy crew.

Click on the flag for the gallery

Priest defends 'Satanic' crosses

Upside down crosses on new gates at Ludlow Roman Catholic Church – attacked as “Satanic” and “offensive” – have been defended by the local priest. A large central cross in new gates at St Peter’s Church in Henley Road has two upside down crosses on either side.

This story intrigues us, we have had loads of mails since we started the walk over these inverted crosses, that are also on the church doors ....

Picture to follow (we still haven't done it)

To view all the above stories click on here

Dr Atlas Interviews The Queen

The Good Dr after being invited into the inner bailey had chance to engage in conversation with The Queen.

We asked how he found the days events.

"Indeed I had chance to have a brief conversation with her majesty and found the experience an enlightening one."

To find out the full details of the 'chat' come on the walk every Friday at The Buttercross


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