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Week 3. 20/06/03

Okay Late News !

Wrapped around your Little Finger

The good Reverend Black sent a mail to me saying I must have a look at this site....

and I did....

Im still stuck for words, the site is the first for making diamonds from the ashes of your nearest and dearest.


Jilted Hermit No 1

A man who has lived in a cave for 35 years says he has no intention of returning to civililistion. Mr. Banovic 75 from Konjic,Bosnia, burned his house down in 1967 after discovering his wife was having an affair. He retreated to the cave nearby, saying he was disgusted with humanity. He survives on beans, potatoes and onions. (Bournmouth echo)

Jilted Hermit No 2

Mr. Tudose 74, was so upset his wife had run off with a Greek waiter that he vowed to spend the rest of his life in a hole in the ground. He has fitted a small lavatory, heater and water tap in the hole, dug in the garden of his farm in Romania. Shopping is delivered once a week and a neighbour takes away his rubbish. (Bournmouth echo)

Smoke DA Weed

A Bristol man, caught with 17,000 worth of cannabis, convinced a jury a jury it was for personal use. The man and his partner chain smoked joints to relieve paranoia, agoraphobia, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety AND light sensitivity. His name was Christopher Blow (D Mirror)


DR Atlas To Meet The Queen

Exclusive to the Ghost Walk This week is the DR (aka L Bracelin) has been invited to meet HRH The Queen in the Inner Bailey at Ludlow Castle.

An interview conducted by us with the good DR Quoted him saying.

"As a surgeon to many a fine person, I shall find this a honor"


More news soon folks......
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