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DR Atlas Holiday Snaps

The Good DR set Off to The Orkneys...

Where??? Top of Scotland and a bit..

Strange Trees, A Mobile phone Aerial on the way through Scotland.



The Old Man Of Hoy



The Accommodation


The Other Place to spend the night.

Transcript of The Good Drs. Email.

1: A 15 hour drive is not a good idea with a trapped nerve in you back (that's what is wrong with my back)...Well I thought better and suffered horribly.

2: It is not a good idea EVER to camp on a dodgy air-bed with one of its pegs missing so it goes partially down and deflates by the morning light, which in a tent can be 7AM And with a dodgy back

3: Remember NOT to leave the window flaps open on your tent, so as your Nice clothes you spent the first whole night fumbling in the dark to set out just nice and aerate for the morning just gets wet by the Rain, as we did...

4: In Scotland EVERYWHERE there are MIDGES and they are ****. It does not matter WHERE YOU go they are there and will bite you...It does not matter what you do they'll get you I KNOW...they are disgusting creatures... Sending you picture of 17 bites on my arm

Fact: Apparently if you go into a camping equipment place and ask for an insect sheet they ask you where you are going i.e. Brazil Africa Australia and Scotland.

If you are going to Brazil the insect sheets are one size, normal hole size, and therefore has a set price

If you are going to Africa or Australia then the insect sheets are medium to large hole sizes and cost less

However if you want a insect sheet for Scotland then it is the most expensive and in a quite different price range...

And why is that?

That is because of the ****** MIDGES They are so minute that the woven holes in the insect sheet need to be as tight as a nats ****.... They are bad mothers

5: Bothie Don't EVER go to Scotland and seek shelter in a Scottish Bothie.....All it is is a shed by the sea

We did because we where desperate after our tent washed away in the downpour on our first night

We could not get a cottage anywhere with our money with a nice peat fire (there are no trees whatsoever on Orkney bar two and they were weird Sending you picture of the one we stayed in by a rescued tent....

Can you see how big and luxurious it is

6: Imagine spending a week on Clee Hill in bad weather on the coast as an Island for a week...Thats what Orkney village life is like....met some strange people....great

7: Haggis, Its not nice don't try it

Another adventure for another year ALTHOUGH::: Even though it was a nightmare visit we got to see the amazing sunset on an Aquarian Full moon at the Ancient Megalithic site of Stenness stones and the Ring of Brodgar and it was absolutely beautiful


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