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Behind the Scenes with The Ghost Walk

dr atlasdr atlas and the shades
Dr J Atlas (on the left)

The character was based on one or two unsightly characters that practiced here in Ludlow in the Victorian period.

The good Dr was an outsider and held his main practice in London as most professionals did move about the length of the country (More so in the religious circles like the Church) Like most professionals the Dr was heavily involved with the Victorian Masons and other Secret societies that where fashionable at that time, and would have made some very useful acquaintances (Hence the initial meeting of Sebastian).

Being a man of medicine would have meant that the Dr was a well-educated man, which indeed he was and well travelled too. In his early life the Dr spent a lot of time in what was termed as `savage` counties such as Africa and Haiti learning the more unorthodox side of medicine…

The Drs term `Atlas` derives from the Atlas bone (the vertebrae joining the head to the neck) The Atlas bone is taken from a human sacrifice (or Muti killing) in a voodoo ritual, and is said to hold great power

Being The Doctor
"Portraying Dr Atlas as a character is very chilling experience indeed, you can feel the cruelty and pure ice of his emotion coming through every time. Playing this character I am sometimes overwhelmed by sheer insanity of the Dr and often "loose Myself" as it were when in character (could that be the glass of opium laced poison he drank before each murderous occasion making him a little unhinged) For his victims the Dr's hypnotic charm is the most dangerous venom, later towards the end of his acquaintance with his fresh victim (maybe weeks, days hours or minuets) he entices his prey to install an overwhelming trust and enjoy it when he is mutilating them piece by piece…a true artist. The Dr had an unusual appearance as such as he did have one blue coloured eye and one brown coloured, but perfect sight, indeed but it was said that none could look in his eyes for too long… All I can say is that it is an absolute pleasure working with the good DR and remember…. " Spoken By Leon Bracelin who plays the good Doctor
The good Dr is known occasionally to wear, his shaded spectacles on the tour, and when he does kiddies it is because he has just been doing his beloved dark debauched work. Come on the tour to meet him...
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