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Behind the Scenes with The Ghost Walk

de montacute on the right
Stuart de Montacute

Stuart De Montacute was based on various Knights that played a big part of Ludlow castles history. Knights of the Garter were Knights of the Crusades and similar to the Templar Knights (the knights that searched for the cup of Christ i.e. the Holly Grail)
De Montacute is an actual Knight from about the 10th century but his first name is not known apart from the initial "S" hence the use of Stuart.
He was a brave Knight and was in love with Marianne de le Bruyere, but she didn't see his love, and had eyes only for a Welsh Prince that in the end she paid the biggest price her, life…
Stuart was struck down with grief and set about killing every Welshman he could find. It is said the river Teme ran with blood..
Being De Montacute

"Playing De Montacute is hard work. He is so angry, mad with rage in fact. But the worst part is the costume its weight is about 35 kilos and has Five layers!!! This is due to the armour and leather Knights wore. When I first wore the costume I was very ill after the walk, due to all the weight pushing down on my diaphragm. (Who said acting was fun) But being De Montacute has a strange feeling to it, you become the character and the Castle seems like you are returning home from battle. When acting any character on the walk, you don't see the audience. In fact the people are just a sea of faces. I find it very hard to spot our loyal supporters and family, when they come on the walk. (I do end up apologizing after some walks." Spoken By Stuart Liggins who plays De Montacute

Stuart De Montacute is a rare character on the walk. This could be put down to his disaperance. Whispers from the crusades say he rides with the Fourth Horseman known as Death, taking the chosen to the next life. Book a private walk and request his presence and he may appear lets hope he dosent choose you...
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