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Do you believe??... in Magic?.. The real stuff, not rabbits out of hats or disappearing ladies. Things you cant explain like healing of injury's, materializations, the feelings of good and evil....

Magic can be explained in many forms and "coincidence" is used to explain the most. If you suspend believe for a little while and are willing to read on further, I will take you to a place that isn't very far away….

The Waterfall
The Waterfall
Many years ago we came upon this place from rumour and hushed tones, directions were given in confidence. The pictures you see have been taken just after dusk. The first is a picture from a distance through the narrow valley that leads to the waterfall.

The waterfall you can hear before you can see, the roar of the water in winter is very frightening also no road leads to this place and its seclusion also hides its powers.

Good or Evil
The Waterfall
I have seen things at this place that defy normal explanation, but then again this place isn't normal.

The waterfall has been used for sacrifice in the past. It has, & still could be used for witchcraft, but it has so much power that people who are ill, have come here to be healed by the water...

Walking to this place is a bit of a task but worth while, the cleansing of the water and the coolness of the place it falls is refreshing. But to stay a while can be difficult. The waterfall as well as giving takes something from you, many people complain of headaches "like a hangover" but this passes when you leave the waterfall...

The Secret Pool
The Secret Pool
There is one other thing about the waterfall, and that is it is fed by a pool. This is even harder to get to. Imagine if you can a dark pool still and at its end a drop of 100ft down, solid slate walls to the bottom of the waterfall.

This to has secrets, many in fact. One is that when pictures have been taken of it. Faces could be seen in the water, just under the surface.

Our researches show that the waterfall and pool have been here since before the ice age, the waterfall is situated where 4 lay lines cross as well as some standing stones nearby.

The waterfall has a name but we shall keep this and its location, a secret. But if you want to find it start your search towards the land of the dragon, and to the town where chivalry is in its name.

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